jAsmine KaNg

Poet. Writer. Artist.

about jasmine

Jasmine Kang is a poet, writer, and artist who finds herself through creative expression. 

Her Story...

Jasmine has been creating art and writing since she was a young girl to spread love and light.

She truly believes in the power of positivity because that is what has helped her live and look forward to life every day. 

Jasmine hopes her prose and poetry will help make a difference in the world, unite humanity and bring each other home to our inner selves and truth. 

The Ocean and Me

Jasmine’s prose and poetry has been featured in various creative projects such as anthologies, journals, magazines, short films, and exhibitions. Her work has also been shared by the Good Quote and celebrities like Lisa Raye, Marielena Davila and Carrie Bernans. She has received an honorable mention in poetry from the Paris Book Festival, a finalist award in inspirational poetry from the American Book Fest, and an honorable mention in photography from SJSU Global Lens. Jasmine has also participated in workshops and courses by Allie Michelle and Wattney Lander as well as groups like the Women’s Spiritual Poetry Group and the Writers on the Avenue Group. 

creative work

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Some Words of Praise:

“Jasmine – you have a beautiful gift.”
- Allie Michelle, Poet (from the Flow Writing Challenge)
“Jasmine Kang is a creative, talented, and focused poet. Her poems, stories, artwork, and photography are very uplifting. She focuses on waking up our feelings and reminds everyone of the beauty that surrounds us. Through poetry and prose, Jasmine teaches humanity what we should appreciate in life’s purpose.”
- Ana Monnar, Writer
“...She never tips her hand. One finds neither a secular survey of life’s splendor nor a theological assessment of the world, mired in God-talk. The reader can find either-or neither–depending on the perspective s/he brings to the reading. Poetic ambiguity abounds. One who loves the divine will see the theological imagination in her poems. One who loves nature will find in them a passion for every part of Mother Nature’s wondrous body. One who loves Jasmine will sniff her sweet scent in every poem and drink deeply of the flowered tea she has poured out for us to drink.”
- Christian Jochim, Author
“...Even in the face of despair, the poet teaches us to not lose sight that despair and sorrow are only a small part of the richness we call life. Ms. Kang refuses to see life apart from the activity of art, just as art and the artist are inseparable. Whatever the artist creates, she’s recreating her relationship with her surroundings within the realm of oneness. While articulating such complex ideas the poet reminds herself and the artist in her readers that whatever we are, whatever we create it is still within the larger realm of Being. Her sense of humility cannot be more direct, beautiful and profound when she says, 'Remember, you are just a drop of the Sea.' By keeping this connection in mind, the despair and sorrow we may dwell on is not larger than the rest of humanity of which we are only a small part. The rest is life. Jasmine Kang has made a delicious feast out of life for the readers’ eyes.”
- Moazzam Sheikh, Writer
“Jasmine Kang writes with a delicate, youthful, and joyous observation of life. It is bound to bring a new awareness to our own views of how life goes on around us. Read her poems and lines of thought and pick up a lighter shade of thinking.”
- Stephen Knapp, Writer
“Jasmine Kang takes us on a journey with her poetry of life. Too often we are so caught up in the act of existing that we forget what it means to live. Through her words, we take the time to move away from “if only” to realize what “is”. Her poetry sings the song that life is around us and we need to take the time to recognize what it means to really live.”
- Tom Worthen, Editor