• “Jasmine’s art in both words and drawings is filled with such beauty that comes straight from her heart.” - Wendy Williams, Photographer
  • “Her words are an array of everlasting motion for the mind, spirit and soul.” - Rhonda Harris, Author & Publisher of Flowers Bloom in the Moonlight
  • “You know you’ve reached across the barriers when a small, but shining ray of light breathes “satyam, shivam aur sundaram” (truth, goodness and beauty)…

There is no ‘long road to travel’ when a satellite of India writes to you of experience, hope and of a life being lived in the way of love…” - Katie Muffet, Artist

  • “Jasmine… A sweet darling friend that I’ve got to know. Born with independent thinking, courage, kindness, love and care which she doesn’t hesitate to give to those who yearn for it. Blooming flower that makes the sun happy to shine every morning.” - Abirami Shavani
  • “I have read some of Jasmine’s poems and let me tell you they are fantastic!  Jasmine is also very good at drawing and photography.” Shannon McGee

From the Journey of the Heart Women’s Spiritual Poetry Group -

  • “Beautiful, lovely poem, Jasmine. Feeling the beauty of God’s presence in all things we take into our senses–what a gift!”

“Such an illuminating poem…who we are, and how we have the choice, with what eyes do we view it with?

I love the stanza:

There is such a place illuminated
By millions of suns and moons.
Such a place exists and that place is of the heart
Vast as the heavens and as deep as the sea
Where you remain the same, enclosed in this temple of life.”

“Oh, what a wonderful poem embracing beauty in all its splendor and color, Jasmine.”

“Lovely and touching poem.”

“Thank you for your lovely poem to remind us of the light of the present moment.” - Maureen Kwiat Meshenberg, Poet & Author of Seasons of the Soul

About the Poetry Collection River of Light -

  • “River of Light is a lovely book with some lovely poems.” - Parag Sankhe, Film Producer/Editor
  • “The book really reminds you of what’s truly important in life.” - Wendy Williams, Photographer
  • “Jasmine is a profound writer. Her poetry is beautiful. Her book is a precious jewel. There are not many words to describe just how great it is. I’m so blessed to have bought her book. I hope she continues to be published. The world needs her writings. Her poetry is different from others. It’s refreshing like an everlasting spring!” - Bianca Alabaster, Writer
  • “A beautifully simple book that shows one of the wonder around us and within us.” - Jaspreet Gill
  • “This is a thin book. It is a book of poetry. The poetry deals with themes of love. So, you might say, what’s new? Isn’t that what most poetry does?This one uses imagery from nature. Many poems use flowers as part of that imagery. And this isn’t the imagery on the order of “Roses are red, / Violets are blue. / If you love me, / I’ll love you, too.”

I actually enjoyed reading many of these poems. In a sense they reminded me of the Song of Solomon, another book of poetry about love that uses a fair number of images from nature.At the back of the book Jasmine includes some pencil drawings. These were well drawn.

This is a good book to buy as a gift for that someone special for Valentine’s Day or any other special day.” - John L. Hoh, Jr, Editor & Writer

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  • “Jasmine’s writing is the essence of deep joy in every moment of life. Her poems are peaceful meditations that take you to a beautiful oasis when all your life you’ve been in a desert. She is a breath of cool, fresh air to my soul and a blessing to my heart. I love her book and look forward to more poetry flowing from her heart to pen, to page and into hearts again. She is very talented, and you will love her poetry.” - Bianca Alabaster, Writer
  • “Are these verse offerings Bhakti hymns, Romantic nature poems or just the hybrid musings of a multifaceted young mind? Have they come from plumbing eternity or from staring into the here and now? Can I ever know the answer?

Does Jasmine speak to us of the divine as seen through nature and human feelings or, conversely, of the suchness of each natural event or human moment itself?

Is she inspired by the so-called “God within” or by a purely human spirit?

Are her musings about love mainly metaphorical, as with India’s Bhakti poets or those who penned the Book of Songs, using human romantic language to signify love for the divine? Or are her musings simply about love for its own sake, about human love?

She never tips her hand. One finds neither a secular survey of life’s splendor nor a theological assessment of the world, mired in God talk. The reader can find either–or neither–depending on the perspective s/he brings to the reading. Poetic ambiguity abounds.

One who loves the divine will see the theological imagination in her poems. One who loves nature will find in them a passion for every part of Mother Nature’s wondrous body. One who loves Jasmine will sniff her sweet scent on every page and drink deeply of the flowered tea she has poured out for us to drink.” - Chris Jochim, SJSU Professor & Author of Chinese Religions: A Cultural Perspective in the Prentice-Hall Series in World Religions

  • “Jasmine’s words are so pure and beautiful. I can’t describe how eloquently she paints a picture in your mind and really touches your heart.

I kept the book by my bedside so I could read it before going to bed. If you have a rough day at work, it will surely put your mind at peace and even put a smile on your face! Her words will take you to a different place where your mind is not cluttered with the logistics of life that you constantly think about. It’s like yoga for the soul.

Thank you, Jasmine!” - Aiko Tanaka, Interior Designer/Architect

  • “The writings in the book are simple and creative. A must for all poetry lovers!” - Sunny Moza, Actor/RJ/MC/Host/Stand-up

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